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Our Products
Lens Series
Element Processing
Customized Design
Athermalized Lens
Continuous Zoom Lens
Manual Focusing Lens
Motorized Focusing Lens
Cooled Camera Lens

SPDT asphere and diffractive surface
Mirror / Dome
Coating: AR / DLC / Filter
Infrared Material: Ge / ZnSe / HP ZnS
CVD ZnS / Chalcogenide / GaAs

Design lens for customer's requirements;
Customized even you just need one lens;
Optimized existed lens;
Provide lens test report;
Processing period: 30~35 days.

Quality Control
   These commitments will be achieved through documented and reviewed quality objectives, products that meet our customer's requirements, and upholding integrity in our business practices.Our company is certified to the Commercial Standard of ISO 9001:2016 for optical design and manufacturing .We have very strict rules to control the quality for every step.