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Why need a NEW design

    Infrared system is quite different from visible spectrum system. Infrared system needs more customization. There are several reasons:

⦿ Visible lens have standard mount, such as C-mount,
CS-mount. However, infrared system company has their own mount standard.

⦿ There are many types of infrared uncooled and cooled detectors. This lead infrared lens must fit for specific detector. For example, different cooled detector has different cold stop. A general lens may lead cold stop efficiency less than 100%.

⦿ Some uncooled detectors have shutter but some not. This lead different back focal length or back working distance. If a lens design for no-shutter detector, maybe it will intervene with detectors which have shutter.

⦿ Reduce cost. Some general lens is designed for high resolution detector. But your detector is low resolution. This kind of lens has good performance for you, but it is too expensive for you. You need a optimized design for reducing cost.

⦿ Detector technology growing very fast. resolution is getting more and more high. pixel size is getting more and more small. A totally new detector needs a totally new lens to use it.

⦿ Most of common lenses have IP54 sealing and can not sustain heavy shock and impact. But in some situations, lens need supports IP67 and military or aerospace level shock and impact. A new design is very necessary.
What we can do

    We can do customized design base on specific requirements, including:

⦿ Infrared lens: Manual focus/ Motorized focus/ Athermalized lens/ Dual-FOV lens/ Zoom lens, for cooled or uncooled detectors.

⦿ Based on your requirements, we can optimized exist lens, such as: improve performance, increase transmittance, reduce weight, reduce cost, improve sealing level, improve shock and impact level, etc.

⦿ Even you just need one lens, we can design for you

⦿ Designing period is around 1 or 2 weeks. We can improve 2D & 3D lens drawing, optcial design result (such as MTF, spot diagram, distortion, etc.). 35~40 days to manufacture. We also can provide MTF measurement report.

⦿ We can processing lens elements all by our self. Then we can control all steps to make sure lens have good quality. After assembly, we can use MTF test equipment to know lens performance.